Friday, September 9, 2016

2015 The Vixen Amazing Houston Comic Con Jam Sketch Detail by Brad Garneau

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Ive been drawing pretty much most of my waking moments since as early as I can remember.

I began doing independent comic work around the Michigan area where I grew up. Then moved into the educational software industry which led me to the video games industry for the better part of the last 2 decades, where Ive most recently been working on games like the Incredible Hulk and most recently and The Hobbit game.
I first encountered Brad Garneau when I was researching artists announced as attending the con, and specifically kept a lookout for him. I saw his work on Comic Art Fans, and was very impressed by both his tasty four color influences (definitely Angel Medina, probably Darick Robertson, maybe a bit of Tom Raney and Dale Keown?) as well as those outside our niche industry. Anyway, I couldn't find him for most of the weekend, but there was this one dude doing elaborate framed paintings that I was checking out, and saw a book of his line art off to the side... Damn it! I'd been passing the guy up the whole time because you don't normally see that crossover between mediums! In a bit of a rush, Garneau knocked out this sweet Halle Berry/mid-aughts model Mari McCabe, my favorite overall look for the character to date. I was very happy with Garneau's work, so I promptly forgot his name and sat on this piece for a year or so. Luckily, he turned up at Compicpalooza this year, so I could snap a cell phone pic of his signage (he'd run out of business cards) and get an even slicker full commission...

Brad Garneau

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